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10 Logos affected by their products on Behance

Design a current Logo that reveals the purpose of the product Uncategorized

Standing Out in the Crowd

Trace or draw a photograph of someone in a crowd. Add something to the person that is not in the photograph to give more interest and add value to the person or part of the person. Your drawing will s… Emphasis value

Film Festival

Design a poster that incorporates origami with another film related image for the Asian American Film Festival. Advertising,Combine,Graphic Design film,geometric,origami

Make a Portal

Illustrate a person interacting with a portal where the entrance and the exit are at different parts. Explore the idea of reality being altered and physics being defied. Conceptual

Pasta Twist

A pasta company has hired you to make a poster that shows pasta being transformed into a design or something else. Advertising,Elements and Principles

Depth With Shadows

Practice with letters, words and shapes. Draw the shape and make shadows. Elements and Principles

Draw the Path

Make a track with ramps, tunnels and other parts where a ball rolls through. Also draw a line where the the ball will go when going through the track. Elements and Principles

Brush Company

You have been hired by a brush company to create an advertisement the shows the paint from a brush creating something fun and original. They also want a slogan that relates to your poster. Advertising

Water Illustration Over Photograph

Draw water flowing over forms in a photograph. Elements and Principles,Illustration,Photography contour,image mode


Break an image or logo into simple shapes, in each of the shapes fill it with different angles of hatch lines, fill each with a different color. Elements and Principles

Small Doodles

Make a series of at least 10 doodles on a page. Try experimenting with combining and overlapping. Elements and Principles

Invisible Man Poster

Make a poster for the Invisible Man Book/Movie. Try to only include as little as you can before it is unrecognizable. Bonus points if you can add a figure along with the text. Advertising,Typography

Shapes in Photos Showing Movement

Use simple shapes to emphasize movement and rhythm in a photograph. Elements and Principles,Photography

San Diego Zoo Logo

Make a new “Zoo” logo for the San Diego Zoo. Illustrate the letters to show an animal theme. Typography


function start(){ var name = readLine(“Name? “); println(“Name is: ” + name); var age = readInt(“Age? “); println(“Age is: ” + age); }   Uncategorized

Progressive Fragmentation

Take 4 to 6 pictures and slowly fragment and deconstruct each one a little bit more so the last one is unrecognizable. Animation,Digital Art,Photography

Wallpaper for Kids

Make a wallpaper that appeals to a younger audience. color,Elements and Principles,Graphic Design pattern

Art Clock

Make a clock that reflects an influential art movement. Uncategorized

Working Together

Create a Illustrate the shows the idea of man working together to build something new. Conceptual

Dyslexia Advertisement

Create a poster that communicates to be more aware of Dyslexia. Advertising,Conceptual

Type Illustration

Illustrate a portrait or animal using letters Typography

Negative Space Images in a Word

Pick a word and place images that relate to the word in the negative space in the letters. Elements and Principles,Typography,Visual

Sketchy Color Over Photograph

Choose a photograph and fill in sections of it with one color from the photograph. color,Illustration,Visual

Typeface Using Found Materials

Create an alphabet from found objects using a consistent theme. Graphic Design,Photography,Typography,Visual

Overlapping Shapes

Fill the page with simple shapes, have each overlap the next. Elements and Principles,Visual

Modern Advertisement for Old Patent

Find an old patent and simplify the drawing from the patent. Include multiple views of the invention. Advertise it as if it were being sold today as a product. Page Layout

3 Dimensional Word Twist

Draw or construct a word that relates to being unique or different. Experiment with the position of each letter, such as lying on the back, standing straight, on the side, etc. 3D Design,Typography,Visual

Reinvent Food

Combine food with an image that represents change or ideas to show the idea of changing the food system. Advertising,Conceptual food

Isometric Renewable Energy Uncategorized

20 Variations of One Letter

Pick a letter or number and make 20 different variations of it Typography,Visual variety

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