Creative Art and Design Ideas

Find that creative spark to fuel your next project.

Standing Out in the Crowd

Trace or draw a photograph of someone in a crowd. Add something to the person that is not in the photograph to give more interest and add value to the person or part of the person. Your drawing will s…
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Film Festival

Design a poster for the Asian American film festival. Make a central image that blends both Asian and American culture.
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Make a Portal

Illustrate a person interacting with a portal where the entrance and the exit are at different parts. Explore the idea of reality being altered and physics being defied.
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Pasta Twist

A pasta company has hired you to make a poster that shows pasta being transformed into a design or something else.
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Draw the Path

Make a track with ramps, tunnels and other parts where a ball rolls through. Also draw a line where the the ball will go when going through the track.
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