Art and Design Inspiration and Tools for Creatives


Tetrahedral Kite

Create a kite that represents an object of your choosing only using a web of triangles

Fine Art Remix

Pick an iconic work of art and redraw it using 10 different 'lenses' of your choosing

Animal Morph

Transform a tool into an animal using 5 drawings

Half Imaginary Photograph

Take a picture and hold or place a blank piece of paper, covering some of the photograph. Draw an imaginary replacement on the paper

Product Design

Graphic Design

12 Box Grid of One Object

Make a grid of 12 of one object each showing a different part, experiment with, cropping, and varying proximity to the object


Make a set of stickers with a common theme

Film Festival

Design a poster for the Asian American film festival. Make a central image that blends both Asian and American culture.

Mind Blowing Food or Drink

A new amazing food or drink is out. Deconstruct and abstract someone drinking or eating to exaggerate and visualize the enjoyment