Art and Design Inspiration and Tools for Creatives


They Were Meant to Be

Find two things that go very well together and give them human characteristics and have them working together.

Tetrahedral Kite

Create a kite that represents an object of your choosing only using a web of triangles

Fine Art Remix

Pick an iconic work of art and redraw it using 10 different 'lenses' of your choosing

Animal Morph

Transform a tool into an animal using 5 drawings

Product Design

Life Hacks

Funny Practical Commercial Twitter Channels Youtube Channels Facebook Channels

Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design

The fundamentals of design are the basis of every visual medium, from fine art… to modern web design… even small details, like the fonts that make up most compositions. What do these examples have…

Explain Anything Using Simple Drawings

The Purpose of Explaining things using the Common Craft Method Common Craft Video on Social Media Student Example How to make a common craft style video Make videos online with a paid subscription Add…

12 Box Grid of One Object

Make a grid of 12 of one object each showing a different part, experiment with, cropping, and varying proximity to the object