Monthly Archives: February 2016

Standing Out in the Crowd

Trace or draw a photograph of someone in a crowd. Add something to the person that is not in the photograph to give more interest and add value to the person or part of the person. Your drawing will show individuality, standing out from the crowd, showing value with value.

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Make a Portal

Illustrate a person interacting with a portal where the entrance and the exit are at different parts. Explore the idea of reality being altered and physics being defied.

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Draw the Path

Make a track with ramps, tunnels and other parts where a ball rolls through. Also draw a line where the the ball will go when going through the track.

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Brush Company

You have been hired by a brush company to create an advertisement the shows the paint from a brush creating something fun and original. They also want a slogan that relates to your poster.

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Break an image or logo into simple shapes, in each of the shapes fill it with different angles of hatch lines, fill each with a different color.

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