June 22, 2017

A Vision For a New Future Communication Technology

Make a forecast of a technology that will change how people communicate

Make a poster of people interacting with a future technology that has not been created yet.

Things to think about: How has technology changed so far? How will life change in the future and how will technology have to adapt to accomodate these changes?

Forecasts for 1907

  1. This first photograph below told of a future where people where using wireless telegraphs to communicate with each other. How did this vision come true?
  2. How is the artists vision different from our current time? Is the depiction in the photograph describing a negative or positive lifestyle choice, why or why not?

Punch’s Almanack for 1879

  1. This technology below was a projection of light and sound, what technology does it relate to today and how is it different?
  2. What do you think the people are holding and what do you think it was it used for?
  3. Research: What technology was available in 1879 that allowed visual entertainment? How did it work and how did people interact with it?