Art Projects

Lesson plans from basic principles to advanced problem solving

They Were Meant to Be

Find two things that go very well together and give them human characteristics and have them working together.

Tetrahedral Kite

Create a kite that represents an object of your choosing only using a web of triangles

Fine Art Remix

Pick an iconic work of art and redraw it using 10 different 'lenses' of your choosing

Animal Morph

Transform a tool into an animal using 5 drawings

Half Imaginary Photograph

Take a picture and hold or place a blank piece of paper, covering some of the photograph. Draw an imaginary replacement on the paper

Organic and Geometric Forces

Make two unique contrasting 'teams' one organic and one geometric interacting with each other, use overlapping and shading.

Visual Language

Make your own symbol for each letter in the alphabet, then write a favorite quote, and use your visual language to write it.

Standing Out in the Crowd

Trace or draw a photograph of someone in a crowd. Add something to the person that is not in the photograph to give more interest and add value to the person or part of the person. Your drawing will s…

Make a Portal

Illustrate a person interacting with a portal where the entrance and the exit are at different parts. Explore the idea of reality being altered and physics being defied.

Marble Run

Make the ultimate marble run with ramps, tunnels, springs or/and any other parts that shows how the ball rolls through your track.

Art Tool Paint Transformed

Use a brush or other creative tool where the mark is transformed into something related to the color it is painting.

Shape Combination

Make 10 different shapes on a page, then add more parts to each, then make a composition that combines them all together.