A curated list of great things that are helping education move forward to prepare students in an ever changing world. Great Web Sites Mind Tools Innovation Hubs Learn to Create Research Weava

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Proposals Bonsai Version Control Kactus Visual design version control using Github for storage Hiring Easle Find, contact and hire artists from the community. Raising Money Republic Resume Builder Standard Resume Selling Digital Content Sellfry Selling Physical Goods Teespring Society6 Creative Places to Find Jobs Source: 15 Creative Job Boards for […]

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Interactive Games and Quizzes Tiny Tap All in One The Storybook Factory An all in one tool with narration, animations, activities, assitants and a curated library Programming Screen Sharing Use Together  

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Interaction Art

VJ Aszyk // Live AV 2016 Artists Rebecca Lieberman mikyokyuji Nick Cobbey Rohan Dalvi Universal Everything Tom O’Bready Raoul Marks – MARXº Raven Kwok Natan Sinigaglia Tools Houdini Hardware Framed Touch Board Starter Kit Connect anything with electric pain and chips and then control it. Inspiration Node Forum A platform […]

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Complete IDE and Hosting Glitch Learning Khan Academy Programming Channels on Youtube JavaScript Cell Only use one file and plain (vanilla) JavaScript to make interactive and data driven widgets that you can put anywhere.

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