Ideas for using digital software and solving real world problems visually.

What is Graphic Design

The fundamentals of design are the basis of every visual medium, from fine art… to modern web design… even small details, like the fonts that make up most compositions. What do these examples have…

Explain Anything Using Simple Drawings

The Purpose of Explaining things using the Common Craft Method Common Craft Video on Social Media Student Example How to make a common craft style video Make videos online with a paid subscription Add…

12 Box Grid of One Object

Make a grid of 12 of one object each showing a different part, experiment with, cropping, and varying proximity to the object

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Make a set of stickers with a common theme

Film Festival

Design a poster for the Asian American film festival. Make a central image that blends both Asian and American culture.

Mind Blowing Food or Drink

A new amazing food or drink is out. Deconstruct and abstract someone drinking or eating to exaggerate and visualize the enjoyment

Holiday Word Transformation

Choose a name of a holiday and transform its letters to reveal what things are done that relate to it. Utilize negative space, letter substitution with objects and patterns.

Modern Advertisement for Old Patent

Find an old patent and simplify the drawing from the patent. Include multiple views of the invention. Advertise it as if it were being sold today as a product.

3 Dimensional Word Twist

Draw or construct a word that relates to being unique or different. Experiment with the position of each letter, such as lying on the back, standing straight, on the side, etc.

Reinvent Food

Combine food with an image that represents change or ideas to show the idea of changing the food system.

Landscape Closeup

Make a landscape drawing of many buildings and then draw a closeup of a section of the buildings with more detail

Day and Night

Take a picture of one spot in the day and at dusk, simplify the forms and colors and place them side by side.

Illustrated Age

Illustrate the the numbers of your age and include some of the major milestones that helped shape the person you are today.

When Tools Change Function

When does a human become a worker for a man made tool? What tools have done this, is it beneficial for this to happen, is this a problem, if so how can it be solved?

Digital Footprint

What is you digital footprint? In what ways does your digital footprint effect other people.

Simple Self Portrait

make a self portrait using very simple curves and lines, with subtle shadows.

Old Versus New

Find a sculpture or a face and make it black and white. Replace parts with sections of color and icons.

Man Made Integrated With Nature

1. Embed geometric colorful shapes within a rugged organic natural landscape. 2. Find pieces of garbage of various colors and put them together to form a gradient.

Dark Outline and Colorful Patterns

Create a portrait of a famous person, but make the face simplified with a bold black line with colorful simple patterns within each section.

Organic and Mechanized

An animal or human form that transitions into a machine, or machinery is integrated into the form.

Surreal Comic Strip

Make a six panel comic of a person entering a bus or taxi and then have something very strange happen.

Change is Evident

Find many of the same thing and alter each one, ranging from unchanged to almost unrecognizable. Line them up in a grid against a color background and take a picture.

Tree Replacement

Make a tree but instead of leaves, replace it with something else. Have the objects you choose leaving the tree and the people interacting with the objects.



Positive Negative

Draw simple icons and shapes, then make 'slice' lines through them all at random angles. Alternate filling in the shapes to give a sense of positive and negative space.

App Icon

Make an icon for an original mobile application.

Animal Chair

Design a chair that it influenced by an animal.

Fantasy Frame

In an ordinary scene make a frame that reveals a fantasy world.

Face and Hatching

Design a face, segment into sections and fill with various angles of hatching.

Zero Gravity

Construct an anti gravity scene where things float.

Character Creating

Pick a character that has a power and have that character creating something using their power.

Pointillism Hand

Draw your hand holding something and only use dots (stippling).

Ruler of the Animals

Make a character who rules over a certain kind of animal. Have the animals following them through the woods. Speed Painting V.6 on Behance.

Circle Icon

Make an icon of an animal using only half, quarter and full circles.

Figures and Shadows

draw one or more figures and draw their shadows to give a sense of depth.


Project Description a Objectives a   “Cat’s Cratle” by Daan Botlek 2014 References “Keith Allen Haring: a Definitions Organic: a Links a: d

Rocks and Cubes

Make a scene with human figures building geometric forms amongst organic forms.

Word as Image

Change the letters of a word that reveals what it is


Positive negative, combinations and image incorporation

Paper Mache Characters

Make custom characters with paper mache and acrylic.     Make a character out of paper mache.

Digital Self Portraits

convert a photograph into a digital line drawing. Then add symbolic images that show your personality.