Art and Design Inspiration and Tools for Creatives


Make a Portal

Illustrate a person interacting with a portal where the entrance and the exit are at different parts. Explore the idea of reality being altered and physics being defied.

Marble Run

Make the ultimate marble run with ramps, tunnels, springs or/and any other parts that shows how the ball rolls through your track.

Art Tool Paint Transformed

Use a brush or other creative tool where the mark is transformed into something related to the color it is painting.

Shape Combination

Make 10 different shapes on a page, then add more parts to each, then make a composition that combines them all together.

Product Design

Graphic Design

Holiday Word Transformation

Choose a name of a holiday and transform its letters to reveal what things are done that relate to it. Utilize negative space, letter substitution with objects and patterns.

Modern Advertisement for Old Patent

Find an old patent and simplify the drawing from the patent. Include multiple views of the invention. Advertise it as if it were being sold today as a product.