Art and Design Inspiration and Tools for Creatives


Shape Combination

Make 10 different shapes on a page, then add more parts to each, then make a composition that combines them all together.

Product Design

Graphic Design

Modern Advertisement for Old Patent

Find an old patent and simplify the drawing from the patent. Include multiple views of the invention. Advertise it as if it were being sold today as a product.

3 Dimensional Word Twist

Draw or construct a word that relates to being unique or different. Experiment with the position of each letter, such as lying on the back, standing straight, on the side, etc.

Reinvent Food

Combine food with an image that represents change or ideas to show the idea of changing the food system.

Landscape Closeup

Make a landscape drawing of many buildings and then draw a closeup of a section of the buildings with more detail

Day and Night

Take a picture of one spot in the day and at dusk, simplify the forms and colors and place them side by side.