Technology Lesson Plan Ideas

A curated list of new technologies and how to use them in the classroom.

Brush Company

You have been hired by a brush company to create an advertisement the shows the paint from a brush creating something fun and original. They also want a slogan that relates to your poster.
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Break an image or logo into simple shapes, in each of the shapes fill it with different angles of hatch lines, fill each with a different color.
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Small Doodles

Make a series of at least 10 doodles on a page. Try experimenting with combining and overlapping.
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Invisible Man Poster

Make a poster for the Invisible Man Book/Movie. Try to only include as little as you can before it is unrecognizable. Bonus points if you can add a figure along with the text.
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3 Dimensional Word Twist

Draw or construct a word that relates to being unique or different. Experiment with the position of each letter, such as lying on the back, standing straight, on the side, etc.
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Reinvent Food

Combine food with an image that represents change or ideas to show the idea of changing the food system.
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Landscape Closeup

Make a landscape drawing of many buildings and then draw a closeup of a section of the buildings with more detail
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Day and Night

Take a picture of one spot in the day and at dusk, simplify the forms and colors and place them side by side.
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Illustrated Age

Illustrate the the numbers of your age and include some of the major milestones that helped shape the person you are today.
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